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Last year I was approached by a sales person who claimed to be calling from a company called Green Investment Services. After a brief conversation, I went away on a business trip for a few days and I was dismayed to find that when I returned I had dozens of missed calls from the same number.

A few weeks later a received another call from the same company but this time from a different sales person and we had a few conversations. This culminated in them offering me an opportunity in a Carbon Credit Project, which could only be described as a scam! This project involved HFC-23 Carbon Credits which are worthless and they wanted to charge me €7 Euros per credit for them.

Thank goodness I conducted my research and found out that these credits were, at the time, worth less than €2 Euros per credit and, as of later this year, they will be utterly worthless due to an EU ban on their sale:

They will also cease to form part of the UN CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) by the end of the year. As a result, anyone holding these credits will LOOSE ALL OF THEIR MONEY!

In March this year I was aproached again by one of the same sales people as Green Investment Services the previous year, now claiming to work for a company called Green Capital Consulting. Again the same pressure tactics and persistant and irritating calling tactics were used.

To my surprise the other sales agent from Green Investment Services then called me again a week or two later! When I checked with Companies House, Green Capital Consulting were only registered in December last year. This must be more than simple coincidence or staff movement????

At this point I no longer accepted any calls from them.

I worked with the Serious Faud Office for a number of years and the vast majority of the cases I investigated involved company name changes on a regular basis. This is done to disrupt any attempt to trace the owners and managers of the business.

I would urge EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with this company and I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any experiences with them that they would like to share?

Review about: Carbon Credits.



They are a scam, when trying to sell my investments through them I get e-mails back from lisa lewis or some yank called andrew wilson saying that the directors will not allow me to sell. Green Capital Consulting is a scam, scam & scam. Do not ever trust them with more than 1P of your money.


They are not licensed to provide investment advice . They are not licensed to market investment products.They do not operate from london , but rather Calahonda, Spain.The manager of the company is known for his past investment frauds.You will not make a single % point profit from this company .You will lose all your money.There is not one single investment specialist employed by this company.There is no difference between this company and a boiler room.


I have been called by them, same as you said... Wow...


i received a call from them, sounded interesting.looked them up on the internet and found this report.

they are calling me back on thursday !!!!!!.

salesman said they only do block shares minimum of £5ooo:oo investments.So glad I found this site.....thank you.


I have been receiving calls from them and because they are so pushy have decided to do my own research, thank you for the warning!


Most interested, am getting the calls myself, tried to check the credits and thought them OK. Will go and take another look now!


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